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Мод Cannons Pack Ricochets and Penetrations


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Cannons Pack Ricochets and Penetrations

Cannons Pack дополнение: Рикошеты и разрушения.

МОД ДОБАВЛЯЕТ ТРИ НОВЫЕ ПУШКИ, НО ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО УСТАНОВИТЬ ОБЫЧНЫЙ Cannons Pack (https://scrapmechanic.ru/files/file/21-cannons-pack/)

Видео на русском языке об этом моде:


Minimum projectile force to ricochet - 71 m/s(don't forget about speed loss)

Ricochet Chance(0-1)
A given number makes the chance of a ricochet which depends on the angle and randomness.
Ricochet Angle
Minimum ricochet angle (large)

Expl.lvl falls with distance
This logical parameter allows the explosion level to decrease with distance
Expl.lvl falls with angle
This logical parameter allows the explosion level to decrease with angle

Coef. Expl. Lvl fall with distance
This coefficient is the cosine of the specified number, and affects how much Expl.Lvl drops with distance
Coef. Expl. Lvl angle fall
This coefficient is the multiplier by which the drop in armor penetration due to the slope of the armor is multiplied.
Shell normalization
The entered parameter is the angle by which the projectile rotates when penetrating towards the armor.

Ignore durab. lvl. (X) and less(Not finished)
This value is the shape of what strength, inclusive, the projectile will ignore and fly through
Penetration(Not finished)
The indicated value is how many blocks the projectile is capable of penetrating (do not forget about the loss of explosion Lvl)


Spawn shrapnels after expl.
This Boolean parameter enables or disables the creation of fragments after an explosion
Rot. shr. against the surface
This logical parameter causes the fragments to fly in the opposite direction from the surface.
Smart shrapnel rotation
This logical parameter makes it so that fragments bounce off on all surfaces except blocks, and fly inside when they see blocks

Shrapnels count
Number of spawned fragments
Shrapnels speed(m/s)
Fragment speed (with slight spread)

Shrapnels damage
Damage to unit or character from a fragment
Shrapnels spread(degrees)
Scattering of fragments, without turning on the "Rot. shr. against the surface" it is better to set the spread to 360

Exp. lvl. before shrapnels spawn
The explosion level of the explosion before the fragments spawn (the effect is determined depending on the radius)
Exp. rad. before shrapnels spawn
Explosion radius of the explosion before the fragments spawn (the effect is determined depending on the radius)

Min. proj. speed to spawn shrap.
Minimum projectile speed for fragment spawning
Min. proj. speed to penetration.
Minimum projectile speed to penetrate

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