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Мод Cannons Pack


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Cannons Pack

Этот мод содержит 21 потрясающую пушку с анимацией стрельбы и пользовательскими снарядами

This mod contains:

  • Tank cannon
  • Flak cannon
  • Naval cannon
  • 2nd tank cannon
  • M1 Abrams cannon
  • Schwerer Gustav cannon (mortar)
  • Aircraft cannon
  • 2nd naval cannon
  • 3rd tank cannon
  • Railgun
  • 2nd railgun (has better effects and it's more powerful)
  • M109 cannon (howitzer)
  • Rocket launcher
  • Smart cannon (works with the number logic from 'The Modpack')
  • Small smart cannon
  • Orbital cannon - Smart rocket launcher (you can use The Modpack to input some stuff)
  • Flare (heat decoy) launcher
  • EMP Cannon (disconnects logic)
  • Smart Rocket Detector
  • Shell Ejector
  • Laser Cannon
  • Small Rocket Pod
  • Large Rocket Pod

Language support:

  • English: by default
  • Russian: by default
  • German: by default
  • Polish: Thanks to Driver for the translation!


  • Questionable Mark - creator of all the textures, UV maps for models, scripts and a behaviour of the projectiles
  • Gratiskatze - creator of the most cannons, creator of the logo, beta-tester and German language translator.
  • Brent Batch - creator of the old scripts and Global Script. Kein Anderer - beta-tester and German language translator.
  • Driver - creator of an EMP Cannon model and Polish language translator.
  • Seemomster - creator of the 2nd Tank Cannon.

If you want to support us and you like this mod you can leave your thumbs up on this mod and add it to your favorites.

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Администрируем и создаём, создаём и администрируем...

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11 минут назад, Максим Мамонов сказал:

Что делать если не стреляет ни одна пушка? 

Обновил мод, попробуй новую версию

Удали старую, скачай новую и установи

Администрируем и создаём, создаём и администрируем...

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